Arrest Report

Chief of Police Bry Layrisson reported that the following individuals were arrested in Ponchatoula and charged as follows:

Edward Davis Jr., 57, of 230 N. Baronne Street, theft by shoplifting, disturbing the peace-simple drunk.
Crystal Joiner, 26, of 220 S. Baronne Street, poss. of marijuana.
Tina Patterson, 40, of 137 Ford Street, 2 counts of FTA.
Monica LeBlanc, 57, of 143 Braville Street, shoplifting.
Danielle Elizabeth Davis, 26, of 143 Braville Street, 2 counts of possession of Schedule II drugs, theft by shoplifting.
Archie Spears, 41, of 183 W. Ash Street, 10 counts of FTA.
Edward John Derschuck, 51, of 220 S. Baronne Street, disturbing the peace-simle drunk, entry/remain on premises after being forbidden.
Tina Marie Cuevas, 46, of 42149 Lesa Drive, 7 counts of FTA.
Brent Michael Plaissance, 33, of 41074 Range Road, #43, possession of stolen property.
Jonathan Watts, 30, of 247 N. 12th Street, simple drunk, possession of stolen property.
Carla D. Young, 21, of 1681 Hwy. 51 North, #2, criminal damage-simple.
Quincy Williams, 37, of 436 N. 12th Street, 18 counts of FTA.
Joseph Raymond Jones, 48, of 233 N. 12th Street, FTA.
Shyhiem Pines, 17, of 160 Saxon Street, disturbing the peace-fight.
James Freeman Allen, 22, of 220 St. Ann Drive, Mandeville, disturbing the peace-fight.
Calvin Earl Gross, 42, of 13163 Hwy. 190 W, Lot 190 Hammond, disturbing the peace-fight.
Desha Rena Williams, 46, of 273 Washington St., simple battery.
Marcus Shawn Devon, 34, of 49016 Whiskey Lane #2, Tickfaw, criminal damage-simple.
Brittany Nicole Bruno, 17, of 250 N. 2nd St., battery on a police officer, simple battery, disturbing the peace.
Bryon Hart, 20, of 320 N. 1st St., possession with intent to distribute Schedule II.
Lance Kyle Vinson, 35, of 29020 LA Hwy. 43, possession of marijuana.
Timothy P. Chavers, 40, of 610 S. Holly St., possession of marijuana.
Patricia Diane Lee, 52, of 145 Ford Street, disturbing the peace-simple drunk.
Wesley Armstrong, 48, of 393 Sisters Road, theft by shoplifting.
Wayne Allen Evans, 41, of P.O. Box 1781, possession with intent to distribute Schedule II, obstructing public passage(s), possession of Schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm while possessing CDS, possession of Schedule IV drugs.
Ezra Spurlock, 31, of 104 N. Scanlan, simple battery, criminal damage-simple.
Connie Brown Jr., 18, of 379 Cedar Lane, 4 counts of FTA.
Randy Lee Kemp Jr., 27, of 248 N. 5th St., 3 counts of FTA.
Mark Cave Spencer, 34, of 14159 Hickory Dr., possession of drug paraphernalia.
Cariwon Cortez Finley, 29, of 340 Forrest Lane, 6 counts of FTA.

Rape / kidnapping suspect has long criminal history

PONCHATOULA---A Ponchatoula man captured Thursday and arrested on charges ranging from home invasion to kidnapping and rape has a lengthy arrest record in Tangipahoa Parish, including two previous allegations against him of rape.

Durelle Jones, 24, of Ponchatoula, was arrested Thursday after exchanging gunfire with Hammond Police following a multi-parish crime spree that included alleged home invasion, kidnapping, rape, theft of a vehicle, and ultimately armed flight from police.

And while the suspect accumulated a lengthy list of charges in Thursday's arrest, he has an equally long list of priors, the most recent of which involve violent charges.

Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said Thursday afternoon that his department is very familiar with Jones, who has 14 prior arrests dating back to late 2004 on a public record that was provided to by police.

From from the time he was 17, Jones has faced a laundry list of criminal charges, ranging from possession of drugs and battery on a school teacher to hit and run and fast-forward to weapons charges, battery, burglary, armed robbery, forcible rape, and just last year aggravated rape and armed robbery.

He has been arrested by TPSO four times; Ponchatoula Police have arrested him seven times, and this morning marks the fourth time Hammond Police have had a run-in leading to an arrest of the suspect. Records show that Jones was offered parole in Nov. 2008 for a 2007 burglary charge, only to have that parole revoked three months later after his first forcible rape charge.

After today, Jones adds a multiple bill of new allegations to a lengthy criminal history.

Charges against Jones prior to Thursday's arrest include:

Oct. 26, 2004--Arrested by TPSO for possession of drugs/battery on school teacher;

Nov. 23, 2004--Arrested by HPD for Hit and Run;

Aug. 18, 2005--Arrested by PPD for aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon;

Oct. 18, 2005--Arrested by PPD for armed robbery/resisting arrest;

Dec. 10, 2005--Arrested by TPSO for theft;

Feb. 9, 2006--Arrested by PPD for aggravated battery;

Oct. 21, 2006--Arrested by PPD for aggravated 2nd degree battery;

Dec. 13, 2006--Arrested by TPSO for burglary/possession of drugs;

March 14, 2007--Arrested by TPSO for robbery/burglary;

April 10, 2007--Arrested by HPD for unauthorized entry;

April 21, 2007--Arrested by HPD for armed robbery;

**Nov. 14, 2008--Paroled for burglary

Feb. 13, 2009--Arrested by PPD for forcible rape;

**Feb. 17, 2009--Parole revoked

Oct. 19, 2009--Arrested by PPD for robbery/resisting arrest/escape/theft;

July 16, 2011--Arrested by PPD for aggravated rape/armed robbery;

April 12, 2012--Arrested by HPD on numerous charges, including home invasion, kidnapping, rape

Traffic stop leads to drug arrests in Ponchatoula

Traffic stop leads to drug arrests in Ponchatoula -
Officers were patrolling a high narcotics area of North 11th Street.

Officers noticed two white males pull in the driveway of a residence and leave shortly thereafter.

As Detectives observed the vehicle, the driver was not wearing his seatbelt.

A traffic stop was made on the vehicle. As the passenger exited the vehicle, a bag of suspected marijuana was seen in plain view on the floorboard. Upon search incidental to arrest, four additional bags of suspected marijuana were located under the passenger seat.

Timothy P. Chavers, 40, of 610 S.Holly Sreet, Hammond and Lance Kyle Vinson, 35, of 29020 LA Hwy. 43 were both charged with possession of marijuana.

Ponchatoula Police report drug bust

Ponchatoula Police report drug bust - From Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson---On Tuesday, April 3, Officers were dispatched to 320 N. 1st Street in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, officers noticed Bryon Hart, 20, acting extremely nervous as he attempted to flee the area. Officers detained Hart and retrieved a clear plastic bag with suspected crack cocaine which Hart discarded in a nearby area. The bag contained 73 pieces of crack cocaine.

Also in Harts possession was a razor blade with a white powdery substance and a large amount of cash. Hart was charged with possession with intent to distribute Schedule II drugs.

Suspect in Hammond rape / kidnapping faces additional charges from Ponchatoula

Suspect in Hammond rape / kidnapping faces additional charges from Ponchatoula -
Violent repeat offender charged with more crimes
Durelle Cornelius Jones, 24, of 233 North 2nd Street, was booked on April 25, 2012 on the following charges while in Tangipahoa Parish Jail, according to Chief of Police Bry Layrisson.

-3 counts armed robbery (with gun)
-2 counts aggravated kidnapping
-2 counts 2nd degree battery
-burglary (home invasion)

On March 31, a home invasion occurred at a residence on East Oak Street in Ponchatoula, according to Layrisson.   The victims informed that Jones’ knocked on the residence door and attempted to sell narcotics.  When the residents refused, Jones’ abruptly made entry into the home armed with a handgun.  The residents, unable to speak English, struggled with Jones, before he left the residence on a bike.  During the struggle, Jones’ obtained possession of two cell phones and a wallet.  Two of the victims were transported to North Oaks hospital where they were treated for their injuries and released, Layrisson said. 

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